There were three options:  
  • Allow the four remaining German players to keep their medals.
  • Strip the Germans of the Gold and move 2nd (Team USA II up to 1st).
  • Strip the Germans of the Gold and leave 1st position open in the record books.

Since the WBF follows the Olympic Charter, USA II argued that since there is not clear direction in
the Olympic Charter, the WBF should follow the examples of when the Olympics faced similar
situations.  In several past Olympic Cheating cases, the first place team lost their medals, second
moved up to first and the Bronze position was left empty.

After a political tug-of-war and smoke-filled rooms...The WBF, in their infinite wisdom, stripped the
entire German team of their Gold, Moved USA II from Silver to Gold, moved Poland up from Bronze
to Silver and moved France from fourth to Bronze.

 WBF Press Release

Note, the date of the press release was October 13, 2014 and press release stated that the German
Team would be required to return their Gold medals to the WBF. Well, the 2013 D'Orsi Bowl ended
on September 29th. I filed the first motion in the case on October 4, 2013. The formal hearing was
held in March of 2014. The Executive Council meant on this issue in October 2014. Over the next
few months, I inquired about USA II's Gold Medals. This was Carolyn Lynch's first World Champion
Gold Medal. The Germans had already stolen the Closing Ceremony experience where the National
Anthem should have been played instead of the German Anthem. The Germans had already stolen
the front page picture on the ACBL Bulletin. And now the WBF was claiming that USA II could not
have their medals until the Germans returned their medals ~ and the Germans refused to return
them! After many back-and-forths, the WBF finally remade the 2013 D'Orsi Bowl and presented the
Gold medals to Team USA II at the 2015 Chicago NABCs in August. Unfortunately, one of our team
members, Garey Hayden passed away earlier in 2015 and never received his Gold medal. On
another sad note, Carolyn Lynch passed away about a month after receiving her Gold Medal. A
bitter sweet ending.
The Fight for the Medal